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for your micro business.

Paid search mastery

Small business. Small budgets.

Big reach.

We create, manage and optimise Google Ads campaigns for small businesses. Boost your online presence without breaking the bank.

Google Ads Small Business Sheffield Derb

Google Ads for small business

– campaign setup, design and management

Getting started with Google Ads can be a pretty daunting prospect. We’ll get you set up and design high-performing ad campaigns for your small business. Then we’ll take care of the Google Ads management so you maximise your spend over time.

Plus we’ll provide you with monthly reports on your Google Ads performance against your business goals, so you know every penny counts.

Our paid search services for small businesses include:


  • Google Ads account setup

  • Keyword research and trend analysis

  • Ad design and optimisation

  • Google Ads campaign management and budget control

  • Google Ads performance reports

Having a sale? Running an event? We can also work with you to create time-limited campaigns that bring the feet through your door and the bums to your seats.

How Google Ads works

– an intro to paid search advertising

Getting to grips with Google Ads (formerly AdWords) first requires a bit of a rethink:

Google is not a search engine.

It’s actually the world’s most powerful advertising platform, available to anyone at any time.

You may have already come across the acronym PPC for this sort of thing. That stands for Pay Per Click, which is exactly what you’re doing with a Google Ads campaign.

Essentially you’re rigging a Google search in your favour.


This is done through a micro-auction that takes place every time a potential customer starts a search that's relevant to your business.

If Google reckons your ad is among the most relevant for that search, and if you out-bid any rivals in the micro-auction, your ad will appear at/near the top of the customer’s search results. (This is called an impression. No money has changed hands at this point.)

If the customer likes the look of your ad and clicks on it, the click-through triggers a payment based on the outcome of the original micro-auction.

In other words, you only pay once the user has landed on your website. And that’s where your site’s design, content and general brilliance takes over.


Impressions – how many times your website’s page appeared in Google users' search results

Clicks – how many times users clicked through to your page from their search

Conversions – how many times users then completed a desired action on your site (placed an order, made an appointment, etc.).

Still perplexed by PPC? We're here to help.

Google Ads on a budget – when it pays to PPC

How much does running Google Ads cost, though? Is it worth it for your small business?

Each PPC auction payment can be anything from mere pennies to several £s. This depends on how competitive the market is for the words/phrases you’re targeting.


So ‘craft beer’ would command a high price, but ‘craft beer pub derbyshire’ might be more achievable, for example.

And if your pub spends 40p on a Google Ad that results in a table booking for 4 people at £40 a head... We make that a 400% return on the original investment. Not to be sniffed at.

We know that small business budgets are tight. Which is why we only target click-throughs and conversions that make a genuine difference to your business and your bottom line.

Sound about right?

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