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for your micro business.

Stellar storytelling

People want businesses they can believe in. 


Give them one.

We’ll take the dread out of your dreaded About Us page. You’ll build better relationships with your customers. Deal?

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Storytelling – your chalkboard on every street

Writing’s not your jam. Your small business is.

We know how hard it can be to step back from your day-to-day and put your business heart-and-soul down on paper.

Tell your story right, though, and you’ll stand out big time.

Storytelling is a specific area of copywriting that gives someone a glimpse into the people and culture behind your brand. It's where you show the human narrative at the core of your business.

If that’s just you as the owner-operator and all-round world-beater, it’s a chance to show how you bring the professionalism (which most places have) with the personality (which most places don’t) to everything you do.

A good analogue example is that A-frame chalkboard standing outside your local coffee shop, barbers, etc.

If they get their chalkboard content right, they’ll build an instant connection with you as you pass by, and boost their chances of winning your business right there and then, or sometime in the future.

Your About Us page is your chalkboard. And your chalkboard is on someone’s phone on the train or on their iPad on the sofa.


Make it count.

Business storytelling and the hunt for authenticity

Storytelling isn’t just needless fluff. Today’s customers want authentic experiences, from businesses they can believe in.

The latest generation of consumers shop, bank and socialise like never before. They’re seeking out brands who share their values, and dismissing those that don’t. They’re proud to demonstrate their code of ethics when they buy: from plant-based fast food to 100% green energy suppliers.

And behind those buying decisions is great storytelling.

Yes, customers still need to know what you do and how you do it. But they also want to know your why. (Here's ours.)

Because you never thought you’d see vegans in Greggs, did you?

How the best small businesses tell their story

– real-world examples


Storytelling is your chance to meet and speak to your customers anytime, anywhere.

Here are some of our favourite small business storytellers in and around Sheffield and Derbyshire. (They’re not clients of ours, but you can probably tell where our priorities lie...)

  • Bear and Babe – this Sheffield kids clothing business has a strong family-run, hand-made and gender-neutral feel.

  • Tagg Lane Dairy – super-cheery visual storytelling makes this ice cream parlour near Bakewell a must-stop destination.

  • Peak Ales – this craft brewery on the Chatsworth Estate has a story full of history, passion and emotional connection. 

  • B3 Cricket – these Nottingham sports-gear makers match their custom-made ethos with a people-first video channel.

These guys tell their small business story right. Want to join them?

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